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This Django Unchained And Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Theory Doesn’t Fully Make Sense, But I Love It Anyway

As cool as this idea is, it’s not actually something that we’ve seen come to full fruition yet in Quentin Tarantino’s work. That being said, the door is certainly open for it, and one could even make the argument that the setup already exists in a much looser way between Once Upon A Time In Hollywood and Death Proof. Unlike the Leonardo DiCaprio-centric theory, the two titles are actually set in separate universes, and they are linked by both featuring Kurt Russell and Zoe Bell. In the 2019 movie, the two actors play stunt coordinator Randy Miller and his wife Janet, and it’s been speculated that they may be the parents/relatives of the “actors” who play the characters Stuntman Mike and Zoe Bell in Death Proof. There doesn’t specifically exist any evidence that makes that specific connection yet between the two films, but that’s the fun of theorizing and speculation.

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