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Thor: Ragnarok: 10 Behind-The-Scenes Facts You Might Not Have Known

Skurge’s Shake Weight Actually Belongs To Taika Waititi

As a director, Taika Waititi is often known for his sight gags. The comedy-friendly director likes to incorporate odd and humorous images into his films, and Thor: Ragnarok is certainly no exception. One such example is the scene where Skurge, played by Karl Urban, is seen holding a shake weight with menacing intensity. While one would think that this is simply any old shake weight, it is apparently the one owned by the director himself. At least, if you take him at his word. As he admitted in the commentary track, Waititi bought a shake weight while working on 2011’s ill-fated Green Lantern and kept it throughout the years, apparently. When it came time in incorporate the device into the movie, Waititi went into his own collection and included it in the movie. Of course, it’s possible Waititi is being tongue-in-cheek. It’d certainly be fitting. But we want to believe it is the truth. Plus, why wouldn’t it be?

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