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Tiffany Haddish Knows What She Wants If Rapper Boyfriend Common Ever Proposes, And It’s Much Bigger Than A Ring

Yes he’s aware. He said I’m crazy for that. I said no, I’m not crazy, I’m smart, because a marriage is a union of two businesses. And the whole point of coming together is to grow yourselves but also grow a family and make sure they have something to inherit. This ring, they can inherit the ring, but what’s that? $2,000, $3,000, maybe $10,000? What is that? But if you get an apartment building that will increase in value, the children will always be able to go to school, we’ll always have something. If we get sick or something, we’ll have something to cash out and be able to take care of ourselves. There’ll be something there for us. That’s what I want. Come at me with a deed, baby. Don’t come at me with a ring.

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