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We Tried Urban Decay’s New Brow Products – Reviews With Photos

My attempts to sculpt my eyebrows into two symmetrical, precisely defined arches usually end like attempts to please my parents: More often than not, I walk away from my efforts disappointed and tired. It’s not for a lack of trying; I’ve studied up on editors’ picks and investigated Internet hacks for easy, breezy, I-woke-up-like-this eyebrows. Left to my own devices, though, I end up with two uneven faux caterpillars.

Just when I’d lost hope for my dream eyebrows—even, full, and defined—Urban Decay stepped in with a big assist. Today, Urban Decay is unveiling a new brow collection at Sephora, Ulta, and QVC—and instead of suggesting one product fits every arch, there’s a specific item tailored to the precise look you’re going for. Fans of ultra-defined, microbladed precision can pick up the felt-tip Brow Blade ($26) pen to ink in sparse areas. Anyone looking for extra volume can build luscious brows with Brow Endowed ($28), a two-sided pomade set with primer and color. For those of us who can’t draw a tail to save their lives (ahem), there’s a set of stencils ($12 each) developed in collaboration with Audrey Glass, a top microblader in Los Angeles, to guide your chosen filling-in technique. You get the idea: There’s something for everyone.

I have my own makeup battles to fight, but my specific brow-tastrophe isn’t the only one that Urban Decay’s new collection can solve. So I asked my Glamour colleagues to join me in testing the entire collection, from the au natural clear pomade to the buildable brow putty. The shades of our brows couldn’t be more different—from wispy blonde to foliage auburn—and we’re each after a different look. Even with our varying dream brows, the line gave us all exactly what we wanted. Scroll on for everyone’s honest reviews.

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