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Wedding Crashers: 10 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About Making Of The Movie

Vince Vaughn And Owen Wilson Came Up With Most Of The Wedding Crashers Rules

Among the more memorable parts of Wedding Crashers is the list of rules Vaughn and Wilson’s characters cite throughout the film (I’ll cop to having a poster of the rules in my dorm room). However, these rules were not passed down by Chazz Reinhold or even the screenwriters.

In the 15th anniversary retrospectives in Variety and Mel Magazine, Dobkin, Vaughn and Wilson all say they actively worked together to get the script, written by Steve Faber and Bob Fishers, into its final form. In a separate interview with IGN, the two stars revealed that included most of the rules for crashing weddings.

According to the stars, there were only about two rules mentioned in the original script, but whenever they would work on a scene with some improvisation they would often create new rules to go along with their rants.

As far as abiding by the rules, Wilson says he always tries to stick to rule no. 17 when he’s at a wedding: “Blend in by sticking out.”

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