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When Game Of Thrones’ Season 8 Is Finally Premiering

Winter finally hit last season on Game of Thrones and now we know when it will be returning for flocks of loyal fans. This morning, HBO’s popular fantasy series announced that Game of Thrones will officially be returning to the schedule in April of 2019. You can take a look at the official announcement, below.

As you can see at the end of the video of recycled footage from Game of Thrones, we have a premiere month if not an exact date. The show will be returning for Season 8 in April of 2019, returning the popular HBO’s series to its rightful spring home.

April was the original home for Game of Thrones when it first hit the schedule back in 2011. Subsequent seasons of the series also premiered during various weeks in April, although there have been a few snafus here and there. Namely, HBO experimented with airing the show in March back in 2013.

Season 7 was also a big departure for the series. Although fewer episodes were created for Season 7, the show’s production took longer to accomplish and the show missed its April window. Last time around, Game of Thrones fans got new episodes in July of 2017.

The wait will be even longer for Season 8. By the time the show premieres in April of 2019, Game of Thrones will have been off of the air for 20 months. Still, coming home to April should be a nice nod to the series’ origins on the pay cable network.

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