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Why M. Night Shyamalan’s Old Ends Differently From Its Source Material

Warning: Spoilers for Old and the graphic novel Sandcastle are in play here. If you’re looking to avoid details from either, you’ve been warned.

It’s not often that M. Night Shyamalan adapts the work of another author to the screen. The writer/director’s latest film Old is one of those rare adaptations, as the film gets its concept from Frederik Peeters and Pierre Oscar Lévy’s graphic novel Sandcastle. Of course, in the leap from the page to the screen, there’s bound to be changes in the name of making the story more cinematic. And in the case of Old, the ending differs from the source in one gigantic way: it gives a concrete answer to why the Capa family, and the rest of the beachgoers, were on the beach in the first place.

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